Small is Beautiful

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."----Neil Armstrong. Small is Beautiful is actually a book written by the German-born British economist E.F. Schumacher. The full title of the book is "Small is Beautiful: A study of Economics as if People Really Mattered". Honestly, I haven't read the book though I would want … Continue reading Small is Beautiful


Religion–should it be a concern of the state?

Religion-- a private or a public matter? "He who begins by loving Christianity better than truth, will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end up loving himself better than all."----Leo Tolstoy. India is a diverse country with many religions being practiced and preached. The country offers granular choices when it … Continue reading Religion–should it be a concern of the state?


Cryptocurrency--A topic that is hard to understand as one can read it theoretically but unless one practices it or buy or invests in it, it really is tough to understand. Here are some links that can help you understand it, maybe not easily but it's a start nonetheless. The data is taken from “Virtual … Continue reading Cryptocurrency


  The definition as given by Google-- extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy. Synonyms--extreme patriotism, blind patriotism, chauvinism, extreme nationalism, flag-waving, excessive loyalty to one's country, xenophobia. The word jingoism can itself arouse strong emotions within those who are likely practicing it and thus defending their stance and those who aren't practicing it and thus calling … Continue reading Jingoism