The world of online dating

Bereft from the worldliness Shattered into pieces Broken and shaken due to Its rules and regulations She plunged into the depths Of loneliness. . Drowning under its weight An anchor was found in The world of online dating Never afraid of taking risks She took a leap of faith Maybe an equal love was Waiting … Continue reading The world of online dating

The Bitch!

She took me in Turned me into a lover An amazing week ended rather too soon Yes, I became addicted Yes, I spammed and nagged her Yes, I am ashamed Forgive me for I sinned The sin of falling too soon Her previous lover fucked up her mind And so did she, mine Now the … Continue reading The Bitch!

जाती वाला हरि का रंग

हरि का रंग हैं हरा इसे जाती के तराज़ू में तोलकर मैला न करो क्या रखा हैं उस नाम के पीछे वाले नाम में इन आंखों से नफरत नहीं प्यार की धारा को बेहने दो ईद तो राधा कृष्ण ने भी मनाई थी प्यार की झप्पी अनंत प्रेम में छायी थी मस्जिद हो या मंदिर … Continue reading जाती वाला हरि का रंग